Custom Design & Repair


Jewelry Design

After thirty five years of designing jewelry for our customers we have become very skilled at making unique custom jewelry with our customer’s help. The most important skill in designing jewelry for customers is not the ability to draw or how much you know about jewelry. While these are definite requirements, the most important skill is listening to the customer and visualizing their dream. This takes years of experience.

Your job is to have an idea of at least the style or feel you want to have in your new design. Often times this requires you to look around. You can start on the internet or come in to our store and browse our large selection of jewelry.

Our job is to listen to your ideas and look at picture your may have supplied or show you the items in our store that are similar to what you want. If an item of jewelry can be made, we can make it. We will draw designs much like a sketch artist or cad designs on our computer with your help. This is just a start, from there we tweak and change the design until it is exactly what you want.

After the design is finished, the final product usually takes about three to four weeks. It depends on how complicated the design ends up being. We can make the piece of jewelry in gold, silver, or platinum.

When it is finished you will have a unique one of a kind design that you designed with our help. We make sure this is not a stressful process but instead fun and rewarding.


Jewelry Repair

Quality jewelry repair is an art. We have a highly experienced staff of jewelry repair and manufacture artisans. Whether you need a gold chain repaired or a piece of antique jewelry completely refurbished out staff can do the job and do it to the highest standards. We use age old time tested processes, some of our own tricks of the trade, and the most modern laser technology in our shop. When you trust us with your jewelry repair, you can be sure it will be repaired properly and come back to you looking like new.

Below are some but not all the repair services we offer:

Ring sizing (larger or smaller)


Set diamonds and gemstones

Retipping prongs and rebuild channels

Solder engagement and wedding bands together

Rhodium plate white gold jewelry

Inside ring sizing springs and speed bumps

Chain soldering

Pearl restringing